Discover, research, and develop content ideas that will reach your audience.

Content marketing software for on brand, on target content.

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Data Mining Engine

Niche, vertical search engines, mine data from across the web to surface articles, videos and images relevant to your target audience. Smarter research lets you deliver better results quickly.

Predictive Idea Scoring

Our algorithms measure audience demand, surveying the landscape and revealing content opportunities helping you get the most out of your ideas.

Comprehensive Story Management

Develop concepts over time by taking notes on articles, adding relevant research, and sharing with team members from one unified dashboard. Never lose a great idea.

Better Content Ideas In Less Time

Customize research aggregation from multiple sources including as Quora, Reddit, Slack, and more.
Discover unexpected connections with our algorithms, which group articles by salient themes.
Validate content ideas and effectively measure ROI with in-depth analytics and reports.
Develop and share ideas with team members in your story pipeline.

Optimize Ideas To Increase Reach By 6X

Capitalize on Content Opportunities with Powerful Analytics


  • Measure ROI on content marketing and determine which topics deserve your budget
  • Compare team performance and make sure your writers are on target


  • Take a proactive approach and validate content in the research phase
  • Choose to pursue the highest-performing content ideas
  • Measure performance post-publishing with third-party integrations

President, L&T Co.

Former Director of Search Engine Watch

Oz has been built by editorial teams for editorial teams and it shows! Their platform allows our teams to find measurably better content ideas in significantly less time. Moreover, I love that the software empowers writers to bubble up good ideas to the editor.

Founder, RewardCamp

By proactively helping my team spot opportunities, Oz took the guesswork out of our content strategy and turned an ineffective marketing channel into a goldmine of qualified traffic. Staggeringly effective.

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