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20 Interesting Blog Ideas and Tactics We Use to Come Up With Them

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Pretty much every company worth their salt has their own blog these days. Content marketing is one of the biggest drivers of growth and ROI and is also relatively cheap compared to other channels. In return for the nominal investment, you get subscribers, great stuff to fill your social networks and validation in your industry, not to mention other perks like developing partnerships with rad companies and the ability to reach even wider audiences. But frankly, coming up with new and interesting blog ideas can be exhausting. If you are finding that the ideation is sometimes the most time-consuming aspect…

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a guided look at the branding process

Your Complete Guide to the Branding Process

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Growing up, I went to a small school that ended in 8th grade. This meant that for high school, I headed to a new school, with strangers who didn’t have any preconceived notions about who I was. Since I was entering an all-girls’ prep school in Tennessee, I decided I’d become the ultimate southern prep. Over the summer, I spent my days shopping for polo shirts, buying Lily Pulitzer skirts, and investing in the latest Patagonia pullovers. When I walked in the first day of high school, I wanted it to be clear: I was a preppy person, who would…

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15 Powerful Content Analysis Tools that Will Up Your Content Game

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When I was in high school, I always dreamed that someone would invent a device that would scan my papers before I turned them in, then let me know what grade I would get in advance. That way, I could either quit working on a project and go to the mall – or spend time improving the work to make sure I ended up with a decent score. Fast forward to today. My high school days are long gone – but that dream has actually come to fruition – in the form of content analysis tools. I spend my days creating content…

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inbound lead generation

How to Unlock Inbound Lead Generation: a Simple Guide

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I don’t know about you, but as a content marketer, I am pretty stoked about the continuous growth of inbound marketing and the lead generation potential it has. For the most part, I find disruptive marketing tactics online (like pop-ups, banners, and pre-roll videos)annoying. Who wants to see a video advertising a car when all you really want to do is read an article about who Becky with the Good Hair is? Luckily, the landscape of digital advertising is shifting. Because of things like the rise in ad blockers and the ability to avoid ads on mobile devices, companies are…

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3 Insanely Effective Ways to Come Up with Visual Ideas

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I’m a content marketer, so when it comes to words, I’m pretty confident. It doesn’t really stress me out to come up with new ideas for blogs, newsletters, or even catchy social media posts on the fly. I have my tried-and-true ideation methods for thinking up something interesting to write, even when I have writer’s block. But when it comes to generating visual ideas? That’s a whole different story. Ask me to come up with a logo for your company, a marketing flyer, or a product label, and what you’ll most likely get is a long, blank stare. If you’re…

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growing your email marketing database

So You Want to Grow Your Email Marketing Database?

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One thing most companies these days are obsessed with is growing their email marketing database. Using the Internet is an excellent way to do so – and get more customers – since there are lots of people that hang out there. (In fact, nearly 3.2 billion people are now using the Internet worldwide!) However, getting advertising content to the people you want to draw in is becoming more and more difficult, due to a variety of factors: the rise of adblocking, Google’s vigilant attempts to filter out fluff and the general consumer aversion to unsolicited materials (etc., etc.). That’s why of…

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Maia McCann

The Secrets of Creating Viral Content An inside look at running editorial for LittleThings with EIC Maia McCann

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You’ve heard about astounding success stories like this before: a digital media startup opens up with a big idea, targets a particular niche and then intends to fully leverage the power of social media – and breaks the internet. But you’ve never gotten the behind the scenes insight before, the secrets behind how those teams make decisions to publish content. Enter LittleThings,  the leading lifestyle destination for inspiring, uplifting, and inspiring content. Since its launch in September 2014, LittleThings has experienced explosive growth, becoming the 4th largest mobile site, 5th largest Facebook publisher, 7th ranked Lifestyles site, and the 62nd largest…

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Unique Opt-In Forms that Make us Want to Give It Up

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As we delve deeper to the content gate debate, I inevitably keep thinking of my own complicated experience with gated content. Despite what’s probably an initial universal desire to flee, gating content remains one of the best lead generation tactics out there. I’ll be clicking around a site, deep in a post and I’ll catch a headline out of the corner of my eye, or a pop-up at the bottom of the page. More info, yes! Form, ugh! But more often than not, if I’m already getting good information, I give up the email address. I’m also more likely to…

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attracting an audience

How did one company increase sales by 52% using creative ideation?

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Catholic Knights Insurance has one unique marketing constraint: it only sells insurance to Catholics. They’re a team of experts, so after establishing market leadership in quality healthcare and successfully defending various lawsuits against their company, the Catholic Knights decided to grow their top-line. To figure out how to do it, they called up innovation consultant and author Bryan Mattimore. Together, they focused on one primary ideation technique — opportunity redefinition — to increase sales. The results were stunning. Six months later, Mattimore got an email from the VP of sales reporting that that technique alone was responsible for a multimillion-dollar…

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50 Awesome Social Media Content Ideas for Killer Posts

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Every year around the end of December, I consider making the same new year’s resolution: give up social media. It’s a huge time suck, it can be distracting, and sometimes, it feels downright depressing. (Have you ever binge-read through Facebook’s curated news? Especially in an election year? #bleak) However, when January rolls around, I never actually stick to my resolution – partly because social media is more fun than working sometimes — but, also, because it’s is extremely important – especially as a writer and content marketing person. Not only is it a great way to stay engaged with current…

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