SEO and Content Marketing: A Love Story

So…we all know what content marketing is. And we all know what SEO is. And, if you’re like most organizations you probably have a team or at least a person or two responsible for addressing each, right? But have you ever stopped to think about how that might present a problem for your company? When we started here at Oz, most of us had had the experience of working in agencies where content and SEO were totally separate, and maybe…

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For SEOs, a Halloween Surprise: Google Plus Authorship Is UNDEAD again

In a surprising change in direction, Google’s Gary Illyes recommended that webmasters continue to include “authorship markup,” in their source code and not remove it as it may become useful again. Illyes, who works as a Webmaster Trends analyst, spoke to an audience today at the Search Marketing Expo in New York, didn’t give many further details, although many in the crowd of specialists were blown away. In August of 2014, Google had not only decommissioned authorship but had reportedly stopped processing the…

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