Increase inbound leads
Content Opportunity Scoring
Audience Channels
Research Data Pipelines (up to 3)
Content Analytics Dashboard
Google Analytics Integration
3 Users
30,000 Credits
Increase and Engage
Everything in Pro, plus:
Audience Channels Self-Import
Research Data Pipelines (up to 5)
Proprietary Site Search
3rd Party Analytics Integration
6 Users
60,000 Credits
Accelerate Leads to Revenue
Everything in Performance, plus:
Marketing Automation Integration
Lead Enrichment
Audience Segments
Personalization Automations
6 users
200,000 Credits


Common questions

Which plan is a best fit?

In general, we’ve found that the best performing teams create three times as many ideas as their content cadence requires.
The Pro plan is best for an individual or small team creating up to 4 pieces of content per month, or 12 well-researched content ideas. The Performance plan suits teams creating up to 12 pieces of content per month, or up to 36 well-researched ideas.

What are credits, and how are they calculated?

Credits are used for any ideation search within Oz, as well as calls to sources. New ideation searches cost 100 credits. Calls to sources are 1 credit. Any data loaded as part of a search is automatically cached, and any calls to either cached searches or sources do not cost additional credits. Actual data usage data can be pulled upon request at any time.

Can I buy credits separately?

Yes! Additional credits are available at every pricing tier at the following rates:
Pro: Additional credits $89/ 10,000 credits
Performance: Additional credits $79/ 10,000 credits
Enterprise: Additional credits $69/ 10,000 credits

Do credits expire?

All additional credits purchased outside of a monthly plan will roll over to the next month. Any unused credits obtained as part of a monthly plan will expire at the end of each month.

What are source integrations?

Source integrations include websites, social media sites, forums, and digital publishers. For a complete list of current and upcoming source integrations, drop us a line. Custom source integrations can include just about any data source, and are priced according to ease of integration.

What are performance guarantees and how do they work?

Our process has been successful at creating content which drives qualified traffic, leads, and revenue at 30% to 50% cheaper than other paid digital channels including paid search and paid social. For enterprise plans, we first work with your team to establish your current cost of customer acquisition, then we set a benchmark for your cost of customer acquisition through an Oz-driven process- and guarantee the results.

Can you create the content for me?

We don’t offer content creation services directly, but we work with a network of agencies who are well-versed in using the Oz platform and can deliver turnkey results. If you are an agency interested in becoming an Oz partner, we require you to first be an Oz customer.

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