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Audience Targeting

Create highly targeted content no matter if you’re producing TOFU, MOFU, or BOFU content. Enrich audience segments through your Marketing Automation Platform or CRM.

Content Opportunity Scoring

Keyword opportunities scored and surfaced 5x faster than competing systems. Seamlessly connect keywords to customers and revenue with Analytics integrations.

Research Automation

Communicate research effectively to your writers without spreadsheets. All research keywords, urls, and sources automatically populate your content brief as you use Oz.

What people are saying

Took my first idea through the Oz software, wrote the piece, and was immediately ranking #4 in Google for it.

From Content Marketers

Jesse Laier - Content Marketer at Curated Content

Oz has taken a massive need for content marketers, and applied data and technology to it in a way that no one else is thinking of.

From the C-Suite

David Berkowitz, CMO, Storyhunter

In The Media

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