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Demand Generation Marketing for Growing B2B Software Companies

In a growing software company, your demand generation challenges unique.

You often need to hit lead generation goals with a small team and a smaller budget.  While your company blog should be your main lead generation channel- it often fails to perform. In a best case, your blog produces some leads but not enough. In the worst case, your blog is a cesspool of unread content.

In a growing software company, your solutions should also be unique.

Your problems are unlike a Fortune 500 Software company, yet vendors continue to pitch fully automated solutions that you’re not ready to capitalize on.  Your processes are also more sophisticated than a mom-and-pop marketing shop, yet you’re often stuck with the same cheap-and-cheerful software tools.

Some common challenges faced include:

• New Content vs. Existing Content

When you’re a large Enterprise with a stable product and revenue lines, you may have 1000+ pieces of content ready to feed into a marketing automation platform.  Your goal is full automation.

  Yet if you’re in a growth company, you often have a very small library of content (or even no content) to drive organic traffic or seed your email marketing automation workflows.    Creating “net new” content instead “automating existing” content pieces is a crucial challenge for growth companies.

• Running Lean:

 While generating blog leads that lead to revenue sounds simple enough, creating content which produces the right leads and converts to sales pipeline and revenue is currently owned run by specialists or expensive outsourced agencies.  In a large Enterprise, it’s not uncommon to have dedicated specialists in SEO, Demand Generation, Marketing Ops, Content Marketing, and as well as overall Strategy. In addition, there is further specialization in each of these roles between senior (strategic) and junior (tactical) hires.

A lean team has to remove the barriers to both accessing the same data, as well as activating that data by turning into the right content.

• Having a limited Target Addressable Market (TAM)

A lot of the classic “inbound” marketing case studies are by agencies for whom blogging lands deals.  And inbound can work well if you have a service offering which can be expanded to fit each client.

Unfortunately, for B2B Software providers, it’s typical to have a much smaller addressable market.  Though inbound marketing might produce some leads, 90% of those leads (or more) may be from prospects unlikely to ever buy your software.  Sound familiar?


Oz was built for the B2B Marketer in a Growth company, and is focused on getting results with a limited team, and limited budget. And we’ve succeeded in making what’s currently a complex process simple.

Net New Content:  

Oz makes it easy that your content is aligned by Audience as well as Opportunity, making sure that the content that you create is aligned to the buyer.  

We generally see the “unread rate” of content go from 80% to 10% or lower.

Built for the Lean Team:   

Our software addresses what are two major barriers for lean teams with the current systems:

• The time cost of accessing the right data in the first place:  

Instead of having siloed “power users” of each of the systems spending hours in each keyword tools, web analytics, and marketing automation platforms, the data you need to execute is brought into one system.

• Making data actionable:

You don’t have to be a specialist to create plan SEO keywords or to do an audience segmentation of your database.  And if you are Do this in minutes instead of hours with Oz instead.

Address your Target Audience:

With Oz, we make sure that content created is tied back to an Ideal Customer Profile that will convert into handoffs and into sales.

Sound like we might be a fit? If you’d like to schedule some time with us, we’re just two clicks away.

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