When I was in high school, I always dreamed that someone would invent a device that would scan my papers before I turned them in, then let me know what grade I would get in advance. That way, I could either quit working on a project and go to the mall – or spend time improving the work to make sure I ended up with a decent score. Fast forward to today. My high school days are long gone – but that dream has actually come to fruition – in the form of content analysis tools.

Content analysis tools check your content to make sure it worksI spend my days creating content that is meant to help organizations generate more business and prove themselves as thought leaders. However, writing blogs, web copy, newsletters, etc. often feels arbitrary and risky: is what I’m writing actually good enough to do something? Or am I going to end up just yelling into a void?

That’s where content analysis tools come in: they can analyze the work I’m doing, and let me know if it’s doing what I want it to – or what I could be doing to make it better. Content analysis tools are becoming an essential part of the marketing process, and they’re an extremely helpful resource — if you want to do content marketing right.

What Are Content Analysis Tools?

Content analysis tools are meant to help you take inventory of your website, blog or other digital media and deliver feedback on how your content is performing, will perform, and ideally, how it can perform better.

Say, for instance, if you’ve been publishing content to promote your business or establish yourself as a thought leader for the past 6 months, you can use a content analysis tool to examine the total shares each piece has gotten, what networks each one is performing well on, what formats are most successful, what length of content works best, which headlines succeeded and which ones failed, what publishing day works best….you get the picture.

As luck would have it, there are tons of great content analysis tools out there that will do all the work for you. Here’s our roundup of some of the best ones you should know about.

SEO Content Analysis Tools

We all put our content on the web to make sure it’s discovered, and search engines are one of the best places to get found. So, to make sure you come up high in search results, you want to make sure you’re dominating the SEO game. These five tools can help you do just that.

yoast Yoast
One of our favorite SEO content analysis tools, which we use pretty regularly, is Yoast. Yoast is a WordPress plugin that automatically analyzes the content of a page or post in real time to help you optimize its SEO. The Yoast plugin comes in free and premium versions; the free tool has tons of features, including functionality to help you optimize your page content, meta descriptions, image tags, and more. Also, Yoast can also generate an XML sitemap for your page.

upcity is a content analysis toolUpCity SEO Report Card
See how well you’ve done on your site SEO by using UpCity’s Free SEO Report Card. UpCity’s analyzer will look at your site and generate a score for your site, based on 18 of the most important SEO practices. Then, it will generate a little report card for you, which will tell you how well you’re doing in terms of ranking, link-building, keyword usage, and more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.42.52 AMFound SEO Audit Tool
Sometimes, you just want to cut to the chase and see what mistakes you are making – so you can fix them. That’s what Found’s SEO Audit Tool is for. To use the tool, you just have to enter your site URL, and Found will come back to you with a list of content issues, technical issues, and a report about the quality of the external links linking back to your site. The Found SEO Audit Tool is free.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.43.28 AMWooRank SEO Checker
WooRank has created an SEO checker that can analyze your website and give you suggestions about how you can improve its SEO. The checker provides you with a downloadable, branded report that includes more than 70 metrics, divided into categories like SEO, usability, visitors, and more. Woorank has a $49 per month plan and a $149 per month premium plan.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.44.12 AMSEO Web Page Analyzer
This page analyzer by theESCAPE Design Co.is one of the simplest and most effective SEO Content Analysis tools out there. You simply type in the URL of your page, and then you get a report on the quality of your site’s accessibility, usability, and search engine results. This tool only analyzes one page at a time – but it’s also totally free!

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Content Audit Tools

If you’ve been working on building up your site and content for a long time, there’s a good chance that there’s A LOT of content on your site. It can be hard to sort through it all if you want to see what’s there, and it can be even harder to check to see what’s working well on your site – and what’s not cutting it. The content audit tools below can help you see what you actually have, and whether it’s performing the way you want it to.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.44.57 AMContent Insight Content Analysis Tool
Content Insight has created one of the most popular content audit tools on the web. Their content analysis tool looks at your content and gives you things like a summary of the file types you have, analytics data, page-by-page details (including images, video, etc.), screenshots of every page, and the ability to export and print these results.

content analysis tools include dyno mapperDyno Mapper
The content audit tool from Dyno Mapper helps you take inventory of what is on your site and visualize its entire architecture. The tool will generate a sitemap for you, including hierarchy, inventory, analytics, and comments. Also, Dyno Mapper also lets you find broken links within your site, and it integrates with Google Analytics so you can see things like page views, average time spent on pages, bounce rate, and more.

blaze content is one of the most helpful content analysis toolsBlaze Content
Blaze Content specializes in helping companies take stock of what they’ve got online. The tool starts by crawling your site to gather data. Then, it integrates with an analytics tool to match visitor data to the content they’ve seen. With Blaze Content, you can see all of this info about your pages, files, and visitors on one screen – so you can make a plan about what’s doing well on the site and should be left alone, and what might have some room for improvement.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.47.11 AMScreaming Frog SEO Spider Tool
Want a tool that can audit and help you with SEO? Check out Screaming Frog, a desktop program that crawls websites to analyze key site elements for SEO optimization. Screaming Frog can help you find broken links, duplicate content, redirects, and URLs blocked by robots on your site.

General Website Content Analysis Tools

Some content analysis tools don’t fit into just one box. There are lots of tools on the web that help with various aspects of web pages: their readability, load time, external links, and more. Here are some of our favorites:

website grader is one of the best content analysis toolsHubspot Website Grader
The Hubspot Website Grader has been around since 2007, but this free tool is still one of the best for figuring out if your website is performing the way it should be. The Website Grader analyzes your site – then it comes back with a report grading you on things like mobile readiness, SEO, security, and more. At the end of the report, the tool offers you recommendations so you can improve your site’s grade – making it useful for understanding your weaknesses and turning them into your strengths.

quicksprout is one of the best content analysis toolsQuicksprout Website Analysis
Quicksprout’s free website analysis tool uses a site’s Google Analytics data to tell companies how they can improve their content to boost traffic and business. Quicksprout’s tool does analyze SEO when it looks at a site, but it also does more: it gives you a speed score, taking into account its load time, page size, and number of requests. Also, Quicksprout’s tool can also tell you your popularity ranking out of all the web pages in the entire world!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.49.53 AM

Visible Thread Clarity Grader
Nobody likes to read a website that is too wordy or complex. For that, Visible Thread has created a tool called Clarity Grader, which is intended to help marketing teams clarify and streamline their message. The tool scans the language on your website for clear and consistent messaging, and the technology can detect poor readability, inconsistent language, and ineffective branding tactics. One of the best parts about the Visible Thread’s tool is that it can scan tons of pages in just minutes – saving marketing teams precious time.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.50.56 AMCheck My Links
Check My Links is a browser extension, and it is one of the best website content analysis tools for finding and fixing broken links. The tool scans sites for broken links and its find and replace option allows you to remove or replace bad URLs. Scan your site, find links that don’t work, and fix them.

Not only can you fix your site, but you can build it to be better. As Moz points out, you can scan popular industry websites for broken links, then write to that site’s webmaster pointing out broken links – and asking them to replace it with one of your own (working) related links. This helps get more eyes onto your site. (Score!)

coschedule is a content analysis toolCoschedule Headline Analyzer
We’ve mentioned this tool before – but we talk about it a lot because we love it. Headlines of posts and pages are important; they influence SEO, they convince people to click, and they set the tone for what a reader is about to see. CoSchedule’s headline analyzer evaluates your headline you’re using and gives you a score based on readability, wordiness, emotional power, etc. CoSchedule also provides ideas for how to improve your headlines, so you make sure you’re giving your pieces the best headlines possible.

crazy egg is one of the best content analysis toolsCrazy Egg
Crazy Egg calls its website analysis tool a “pair of x-ray glasses.” Essentially, the tool uses heat maps so you can see exactly what people are doing on your website: where they are clicking, when they are scrolling, and what links initially led them to your site. You can use Crazy Egg to redesign or redistribute your content more effectively. The tool helps you understand: how to boost engagement, where to focus on getting backlinks from, and how to allocate your website budget.

Content analysis tools can maximize the power of what you publish, save time and money, and keep you in line with your marketing strategy. But, to analyze the content on your website, you need to fill it with content first. We’d be crazy not to mention that Oz’s tool can help you come up with content ideas that will help accelerate the growth of your business. Check it out, if that’s your thing.