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Lead Nurturing Best Practices Every Marketer Needs to Know

Attracting leads is the first part of the equation—the next part is keeping them engaged with your campaign. A surefire way for your company’s name to stay at the top of your leads’ minds is to set up a drip campaign with lead nurturing best practices. Because you’re giving them information over a period of weeks, they’ll see an email from your company appear in their inbox and remember why they searched for you in the first place. These are…

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52 Nifty SEO Quotes that will Expand Your Grasp of Search

If you read our piece last week on digital marketing quotes you might have  noticed one very important element of digital marketing that was left out of the collection – the oft-discussed, ever-enigmatic SEO (and quotes about it).  Leaving SEO quotes out of that first assemblage wasn’t actually an oversight. What really happened when I started to sort through all my marketing quotes was that I noticed that quote after quote was an SEO quote in some capacity; in fact, there…

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50 Digital Marketing Quotes that Will Make You a Smarter Marketer

If you spend any time on social media these days, there’s a good chance you’re friends with a quote person. You know – one of those people who crams their feeds with occasionally uplifting, but unbearably cheesy quotes from famous figures, like: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi, or, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” –Oscar Wilde Full disclosure: in high school, I was a quote person. My locker, notebooks, MySpace Profile and…

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