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How to Find and Nail Your Social Voice

Does your company lack strong social voice? Here’s a common scenario: A company seems to have it all – awesome concept, generous funding, a tight marketing strategy, audience demand and sweet content – and logic would follow that things would be rolling nicely along. But for some reason, you aren’t building your audience as quickly as you’d hoped and your efforts are falling a bit flat. One of the most common problems that companies face is the lack of a…

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50 Awesome Social Media Content Ideas for Killer Posts

Every year around the end of December, I consider making the same new year’s resolution: give up social media. It’s a huge time suck, it can be distracting, and sometimes, it feels downright depressing. (Have you ever binge-read through Facebook’s curated news? Especially in an election year? #bleak) However, when January rolls around, I never actually stick to my resolution – partly because social media is more fun than working sometimes — but, also, because it’s is extremely important –…

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The Ultimate Guide to 2016 Social Media Conferences – August Update

You might think that the whole point of social media is for humans to connect on the internet – not face-to-face. But in fact, one of the best ways of ramping up your social media game is by strategizing in person at social media conferences. Conferences like these can help you meet others tackling the same challenges that you are (i.e. getting your audience to listen and think you’re awesome) and keep you abreast of changes in the way the…

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Twitter Moments: How Does the New Feature Affect your Marketing ?

Twitter “Moments,” was released on October 6, 2015, and some industry analysts are already calling it the company’s most important feature EVER. That’s a lot of faith to place in one bit of new functionality. But Twitter, a company which just years ago was the young unicorn we jockeyed while galloping into the Internet age, is now, according to some experts, merely a sick horse. So the stakes are high–but if the former group is right, Twitter may be revived,…

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