The 11 Best Corporate Storytelling Examples of All Time

Storytelling is a big buzzword in marketing these days, and there are plenty of corporate storytelling examples to prove how powerful it can be when its done well. In the digital age, winning the marketing game is all about getting an audience to connect with your brand – and the best way to do that is with a story. Humans are naturally drawn to stories because they elicit emotion – and emotion is what sells. Studies show positive emotions toward a…

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How to Tell a Great Story by Exploiting your own Experience

About a month ago, when we were still trapped in the insufferable humid heat of summer in New York, one of my colleagues made a humorous comment that stuck: “I wonder just how many content marketing blog posts include the phrase “Writing is hard?”” Since then, I’ve privately vowed not to use that line again in my own work, save in the retelling of this brief moment. But yet, the message remains so firmly planted within the minds of writers…

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