You might think that the whole point of social media is for humans to connect on the internet – not face-to-face. But in fact, one of the best ways of ramping up your social media game is by strategizing in person at social media conferences. Conferences like these can help you meet others tackling the same challenges that you are (i.e. getting your audience to listen and think you’re awesome) and keep you abreast of changes in the way the game is being played. No matter what your role in social media is, whether you’re a CMO, community manager, head of content, blogger or something in between, getting to meet and learn from colleagues and experts in person is an invaluable experience – which is why there are so many social media conferences, and their tickets are in such high demand.

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Social media conferences can cover a broad range of topics: Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video, Digital, Strategy – you name it and there is an event that covers it. The landscape is pretty vast, so we’re here to give you a breakdown of the relevant conferences out there; some have a solid history and some are brand new, but promising, events. If you want to bolster your rep as a social media mastermind, make sure you stay on the pulse by checking out one or more of these seriously social events.

Worldwide List of Social Media Conferences

Women in Strategy Summit
New York, New York
March 10-11
Who should go: Strategic planners, strategy and development leaders, marketers
Cost: $700 – $1595

This summit gathers together the world’s most dynamic corporate leaders, strategy decision makers and female entrepreneurs for interactive panels, fireside chats, keynote speakers and more. It’s the one of the best social media conferences for successful senior execs and business owners to talk about the ever changing and growing role of women in business, especially as pertains to online platforms.

Social media conferences include a wide range of informative eventsDigital Marketing Innovation Summit
New York, NY
March 10-11
Who should go: social media planners, brand strategists
Cost: $700 – $2095

The DigiMarketing Summit is all about engaging your audience and utilizing your social media presence in the very best way. It features over 25 industry expert keynote presentations.

Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
March 9-11
Who should go: social media planners, online marketers
Cost: $1395

This event is one of the social media conferences that focuses on new storytelling techniques, metrics and benchmarks to improve the power of your brand. Plus it’s at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort in Florida.

SXSW Interactive
Austin, Texas
March 11-20
Who should go: All marketers
Cost: $1295

This is a giant event where music, films and technology emerge and it’s a great place for marketers to learn from experts and industry leaders and also network with over 30,000 cool creatives. Some past panels have included “Content is Content: TV, Social and Everything Else” and “The Art of Social Media.”

Rock the Blog
Hannover, Germany
March 18
Who should go: Bloggers, digital marketers, content strategists
Cost: $600 – $1990

Rock the Blog is a networking hub for bloggers and marketing and PR specialists on the lookout for new trends and content topics in the blogging and corporate blogging arena. This year they will focus on Media & Tech, Lifestyle, Automotive, Finance and Politics & Law.

Summit: The Digital Marketing Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada
March 20-24
Who should go: Digital marketers
Cost: $1895

This powerhouse event is hosted by Adobe draws over 5,000 digital marketing leaders. Gather here to learn and discuss social marketing, marketing analytics, campaign management, digital advertising and much more. Not only is this big ticket event held at The Venetian in Vegas, but keynote speakers include George Clooney and Abby Wambach.

SMTULSA Social Business Conference
Tulsa, Oklahoma
March 31-April 1
Who should go: bloggers, content creators, social media planners
Cost: $375

This social media conference is filled with keynote and breakout sessions centered on the latest marketing strategies for the digital age. It’s one of the best conferences of its kind in the Midwest.

Social Tools Summit
Boston, Massachusetts
April 12
Who should go: execs and managers in social media, marketing, sales, HR, IT, legal, public relations and biz dev
Cost: $495 – $995

This summit focuses on social media best practices and tech and showcases a variety of social media tools that companies large and small can employ. It focuses on real-life examples of how businesses derive ROI from those tools and is helpful for companies that are looking to extend the reach of tech in the workplace but aren’t sure how to get started.

Several social media conferences happen in New York City annuallyClickZ Live: New York
New York, New York
April 11-13
Who should go: Marketers, business leaders, strategists, analysts, digital marketers
Cost: $795 – 2295

This event is a group of social media conferences; it actually takes place in 11 locations around the world — but we’re focusing on the New York dates here. ClickZ is one of the most advanced digital marketing event series in the world and hosts over 1,000 marketers and business leaders looking for cutting edge digital strategies.

Canadian Internet Marketing Conference
Squamish, British Colombia, Canada
April 14-15
Who should go: digital marketers, content marketers
Cost: $369 – $799

CIMC is for anyone working in digital marketing who is looking to network and learn more about new possibilities opening up in digital in the future. The panels take a deep look at the future of content marketing and the role that social media will play in it.

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Social Media Marketing World
San Diego, California
April 17-19
Who should go: Social media strategists, content marketers
Cost: $1247

This is one of the world’s biggest conferences focused solely on social media. It’s put on by Social Media Examiner (SME) and is aimed at networking, marketing goals, social strategy and content creation. This is sure to be a good one as SME is one of the most respected sources for all things social media.

St. Louis, Missouri
April 21
Who should go: digital marketers, social media managers
Cost: $89

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is the biggest digital and social media marketing event in the Midwest, bringing in over 1,000 guests. It focuses on social media, digital marketing, B2B marketing and innovation and tech.

Social Media Strategies Summit
Chicago, Illinois
April 26-28
Who should go: digital marketers, social marketers
Cost: $1599 – $1799

The SMS summit features a lectures, panels and social events based around creating meaningful brand experiences, optimizing social channels for reach and engagement, harnessing marketing technology to capture social media data and improve ROI and more.

SoundBoard Marketing Conference
Athens, Georgia
May 5
Who should go: online marketers
Cost: $175

This conference is for marketers who want to learn more about SEO expertise, AdWords campaigns, web design and what it takes to incorporate all of these elements into an effective online marketing channel. Their focus is on connecting social media to all of these different business elements to create a more holistic approach to online marketing.

Social Media Camp
Victoria, British Colombia, Canada
May 5-7
Who should go: Social media managers, digital marketers
Cost: $499 – $999

This is Canada’s biggest social media conference with over 1,000 attendees and they cover all aspects of social media communication, including communications, crowdsourcing, digital marketing, content marketing and more. They also look at the cultural impacts of social media as a whole.

Mobile X Festival
Atlanta, Georgia
May 11-12
Who should go: Anyone interested in boosting mobile marketing revenue
Cost: $199 – $695

The Mobile X Festival calls itself an “un-conference” for businesses that want to use mobile to grow their sales and revenues. They go outside the traditional conference format with cool additions like virtual reality pods, think tanks and coffee bar meetings. They dive deep into using LinkedIn to generate leads, using new functions on Facebook and Twitter and more.

Social media conferences feature lectures from field expertsIncite Summit: West
San Francisco, California
May 17-18
Who should go: online marketers, digital marketers, CMOs
Cost: $1495 – $2695

Incite is a marketing conference aimed at in-house marketers and the critical issues they face in the year ahead. It focuses on marketing segmentation, targeting and personalization and is know for being one of the best brand-focused marketing conferences. Panels take a look at how to engage customers in a dialogue over social to get better customer insights.

Content Marketing Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada
May 17-19
Who should go: content marketers
Cost: $897 – $1397

This is one of the best social media conferences to hit if you are looking for actionable content marketing tactics, tools and techniques. It’s capped at 300 attendees to offer a much more intensive and intimate setting than most conferences. They dig deep into social media best practices and Facebook and Twitter advertising hacks.

Seattle, Washington
June 20-21
Who should go: social media planners, content marketing strategists
Cost: $795 – $1695

SocialPro is the social media conference for professional-level paid, earned and owned social media tactics. The event is created and moderated by Marketing Land, one of the powerhouse publications for all things marketing, so it’s probably a good one to have on your list.

Leveraging Social Media for Communications & PR
New York, New York
June 20-22
Who should go: social media managers, marketing managers
Cost: $1699 – $2999

This is one of the most unique social media conferences in that it focuses on how your business can use your customers to leverage your social media clout – i.e. learning how to best engage with and respond to the good, bad and ugly things that come up on your various platforms.

Corporate Social Media Summit
New York, New York
June 20-21
Who should go: CMOs, content strategists
Cost: $1695 – $2795

CSMNY is a social media conference that offers expertise from a panel of powerhouse corporate speakers. It analyzes social media as a foundational tool for driving business goals.

CMWorld 2016
Cleveland, Ohio
September 6-9
Who should go: brand marketers, content strategists, online marketers
Cost: $795 – $2235

CMWorld (Content Marketing World) 2016 is put on by Content Marketing Institute and gets over 3500 attendees from around the world. It’s geared toward marketing and PR professionals who are serious about using content to build business. Headed up by leading content strategist Joe Pulizzi, CMI is one of the most valuable marketing resources out there so they are sure to bring in some fantastic speakers.

Seattle, Washington
September 12-14
Who should go: social media managers, content marketers
Cost: $850 – $1499

This jam-packed social media conference offers three days of forward-thinking, actionable sessions in SEO, community building, content marketing, brand development, analytics, mobile and more. Moz is normally one of the social media conferences focused on inbound marketing but this year they also have panels on interacting with customers on social, creating social media marketing strategies from scratch and more.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit’16
Los Angeles, CA
September 15-16
Who should go: Digital Marketers, social media managers
Cost: $1595

Refine your marketing campaigns with marketing leaders from Vevo, Google, Twitter, eBay & more and improve your social media engagement, mobile marketing presence and Omni-channel experience.

Content Strategy Innovation Summit’16
Los Angeles, CA
September 15-16
Who should go: Content Marketers, social media managers
Cost: $1595

Plan, develop and manage a content strategy that not only improves engagement but helps you meet your business objectives with Facebook, BuzzFeed, MasterCard, Disney & more.

Brand ManageCamp 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 15-16
Who should go: content marketers, online marketers
Cost: $1999 – $2599

Named as one of Forbes’ “Must-Attend Conferences,” Brand ManageCamp covers a wide range of topics including strategy, innovation, content, insights, customer behavior, leadership, metrics and more. It features a host of great speakers, including Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute.

The 4th Annual #DMXCHANGE
September 18-19th
Who should go: Content Marketers, Digital marketers
Cost: Invitation only.

This invitation-only event presents speakers paving the way of digital transformation, delivering leading practices and dialogue-driven debate on key topics of interest.

The I2C: Insurance2Customer USA Summit
Chicago, IL
September 19-20
Who should go: Social Media Strategist, Digital marketers
Cost: $1599

Enable insurance executives to develop new strategies to meet the needs of the modern insurance customer. Many insurers express disappointment in the effectiveness of social media but as the technology has matured it is being used for lead generation, customer service and mining customer insights

LIFT (Social,2016)
Seattle, WA
September 20-22nd
Who should go: Social media strategist, market, analysts, digital marketers
Cost: 1,099

Measure’s annual conference where you can network with social leaders from top brands and major networks. Discover ways to connect social to business results, use data to impact the creative process and design a world-class social team.

FINCON16: Where Money and Media Meet
San Diego, CA
September 21-14
Who should go: Analysts, Social media planners
Cost: $499

Attendees connect with others in the community, learn to create, promote, and profit from compelling online content, and discover new trends in personal finance and investing.

Social Brand Forum
Iowa City, IA
September 22-23rd
Who should go: Content markers, social media marketers, digital marketers
Cost: $245

Social Brand 2016 is designed to help marketers at organizations small and large build better brands online through digital content, conversations, and community

The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference
Portland, Me + Online
September 23rd
Who should go: Digital Marketers
Cost: $199.0 (physical pass), $149.0 (Online pass)

Discover how to reach more of your ideal customers through search, social, and mobile marketing. Chris Brogan and John Lee Dumas keynote this year’s event.

Search Marketing Expo – SMX East’16
New York, NY
September 27-29th
Who should go: content marketers, social media planners, online marketers
Cost: $1795 (All access pass)
The world’s largest search marketing conference. Agenda includes 50+ new sessions covering innovative tactics in search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), mobile and more.

New York, New York
Fall, TBD
Who should go: brand strategists, entrepreneurs
Cost: TBA

Transition is one of the social media conferences that is focused on the problem of keeping your brand sustainable while the world around you is in a constant state of flux. This is their second year and we’re excited to see what they’re going to announce on the schedule.

At social media conferences, content experts can mingle and networkSocial Media Interactive
Dayton, Ohio
October 4
Who should go: social media beginners, bloggers
Cost: $175 – $660

This is one of the social media conferences designed for every level user, and it features a bunch of great keynote speakers giving “How-to” lessons on all aspects of social media.

Social Media Success Summit 2016
Virtual Conference
October 4-27
Who should go: social media planners, online marketers
Cost: $697 ($18 per session)

Attendees will discover powerful business-building tactics as the experts reveal their newest social media marketing tips and practical, real-world, proven examples.

Digital Commerce Summit’16
Denver, CO
October 13-14th
Who should go: social media marketers, digital entrepreneurs, business leaders, social media managers
Cost: $995

This inaugural event is aimed at the digital entrepreneur, or anyone interested in getting into the business of creating and selling digital products.

Las Vegas, Nevada
October 16-19
Who should go: Content Strategists, documentation managers, marketing professionals
Cost: TBA

LavaCon is a highly-regarded conference for content strategists and marketing pros who want to hob-knob with some of the best in the field. The lineup for 2016 hasn’t been announced yet but if it’s anything like the past 5 years, you won’t be disappointed.

MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum 2016
Boson, Massachusetts
October 18-21
Who should go: B2B marketers, online marketers
Cost: $1195 – $1795

This social media conference brings together marketing experts, leaders and innovators to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to B2B marketing, which is a little trickier than straightforward social media interactions with consumers. It’s in its 10th year and seems to get better and better with age.

#DMWF New York
New York, NY
October 18-19th
Who should go: digital marketers, content marketers, bloggers, analysts
Cost: $599 (early bird), $699 (after 12th Aug)

A digital and social marketing conference bringing together senior marketing professionals and decision makers from brands and agencies. Examining latest trends and technology in digital and social marketing, from content and data marketing to influencer marketing and customer experience.

Los Angeles, CA
October 19-22nd
Who should go: Video marketers, content strategist, digital marketers
Cost: $295.00 (early bird), $495 (after 17th Aug)

Join the digital video industry’s top creators, marketers and brands as they share exclusive information to keep you current and competitive in an ever-changing market. Hear from digital video’s top authorities at the leading video conversion conference.

Share16 by BrightEdge
San Francisco, CA
October 24-26th
Who should go: Digital marketers
Cost: $1,149

A leading industry event for digital marketers, top ranked by Forbes and Inc. Mag. Share16 brings together 850+ digital marketing and e-commerce professionals to share road-tested best practices and actionable strategies to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital marketplace.

Experience & Engagement Expo
Denver, CO
November 7-9th
Who should go: brand managers, marketers
Cost: $799

A forum to discuss customer, brand and channel challenges and solutions. Discover how to optimize customer experience at all touch-points and increase the impact of engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Inbound 2016
Boston, Massachusetts
November 8-11
Who should go: Everyone that cares about marketing
Cost: $299 – $1699

This goliath of an event brings in over 14,000 attendees, mostly marketing and sales professionals from all over the world. They cover pretty much every imaginable topic in marketing and past speakers have included Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin and Nate Silver. It should be on your social media conferences “must-attend” list.

Digiday Video Anywhere Summit
Austin, TX
November 9-11th
Who should go: content marketers, video marketers, digital marketers
Cost: $2695

The Digiday Video Anywhere Summit will bring together publishing executives to discuss the surge of live streaming and multiplatform videos, along with the challenges around monetizing this content.

CMSWire’s DX Summit 2016
Chicago, IL
November 14-16th
Who should go: Digital marketers
Cost: 1795

Discover strategies, customer experience and hear from industry experts on the emerging trends, unique tools and best practices to become a digital leader.

IGNITION: Future of Digital
New York, NY
December 5-7th
Who should go: business leaders, digital marketers
Cost: $2995

For the past six years IGNITION, Business Insider’s flagship conference, has brought together the best minds in media and technology to share what they see on the horizon. Through unscripted interviews, cutting-edge demos, and insights from industry pioneers, you’ll learn what key trends to be aware of and what you need to do to stay ahead.

Global Growth Marketing Conference 2016
Silicon Valley, CA
December 7-8th
Who should go: business leaders, marketers
Cost: $609

Attend the only actionable, hands-on educational event dedicated to the most important business issue today – growth. Join Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel & 1K+ high-powered attendees to learn how to supercharge your company’s growth – rapidly, cost-effectively, and sustainably – in 2017 and beyond.