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Content Opportunity Scoring
Research Data Pipelines
Research Automation Workflow
Individual Agile Workflow
Campaigns (up to 5)
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Increase and Engage
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Everything in Pro, plus:
Content Opportunity Vaults
Manager Dashboard
Team Agile Workflow
Unlimited Campaigns
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Everything in Performance, plus:
MAP or CDP Syncing
MQL Acceleration Workflow
Audience Segment Creation
MOFU Research Datafeeds
MOFU Research Automations

Common questions

Which plan is a best fit for my team?

The pro plan is designed for a small team and is geared toward “power users”- those users who are both making editorial decisions as well as doing content creation.  The performance plan is designed for larger teams which have specialists in both content creation and a manager making editorial and campaign-level decisions.

The Enterprise plan is for teams having a minimum of 15,000 contacts in their database and is interested in accelerating the acquisition of down-funnel key performance indicators such as MQLs, SQLs, Opportunities and Pipeline.

What are Research Data Pipelines?

In Oz, this is a key part of the time-saving functionality is the ability to have all the research data materials you need surfaced within the Oz App rather than having to go to numerous outside websites.  A data pipeline will allow you to view any research material from within the Oz software, and then drag and drop the whole article or any snippets from the article into your content brief.

What are Content Opportunity Vaults?

Vaults are a way of organizing Content Opportunities in a structured manner which maximizes content performance. It is especially useful in teams or more complex organizations which have specialists both in keyword research and content creation. You can add to a vault by either uploading existing lists of keywords or keyphrases, or by adding from within the Oz software.

Can you create the content for me?

We don’t offer content creation services, but we work with a network of agencies who are well-versed in using the Oz platform and can deliver turnkey results. If you are an agency interested in becoming an Oz partner, we require you to first be an Oz customer.

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